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JBL Link 20 will not play spotify playlists

JBL Link 20 will not play spotify playlists

I have 3 Google Home Speakers, a JBL Link 20 and a non-premium Spotify Account.  If I ask my Google Home speakers to play my Spotify playlists it will play them.  If I ask the JBL Link 20 to play the same Spotify playlists it will not.  The JBL Link 20 will only play randomly selected songs "based on your playlist".  It is a significant limitation for the JBL Speaker.  Is anyone else seeing this issue or found a fix without going premium ?  Google Home works so I am guessing JBL are using an old Google Assistant client or JBL dont have the same support from Spotify.

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Hey @Ermintrude.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Certain speakers require Spotify Premium to make use of all features. This varies per speaker/device. This means that you can use it with a Free account but you won't be able to use all features. If you'd like to have on-demand playback on all Spotify Connect speakers, we recommend trying out Spotify Premium 🙂


Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you have further questions.


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Many thanks Guido.  That is interesting. 

So rather than this being a Google Assistant issue you are suggesting that JBL do not have full support from Spotify for the JBL Link 20. 


Do you know if this is true of all JBL Speakers ? 


So for those of us who are content with the Advertising Supported version of Spotify we are better off buying a Google Speaker that has full support and can play Spotify Playlists ?


Are there any other Speaker brands that have full support and can play Spotify Playlists for those of us with non premium accounts ?

Hey @Ermintrude,


You'll find some models and their subscription requirements here. Not all models are presented there, so if you have any questions we suggest that you speak with the manufacturers. Spotify Connect should cover many of the most popular speakers though, but we can't guarantee that a specific speaker will or will not work.


We also suggest that you have your firmware up-to-date. 


Hope that helps!





I have Spotify Premium but have found this same limitation.


i.e. when I ask my JBL Link20's assistant to play a certain playlist, it will instead find some random song or artist with similar name to the playlist.

Whereas on my google home mini's the assistant will play my playlists.


I can ask my google home minis to play the playlist on the Link20, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having google assistant built in.


It does seem to be the JBL implementation of Google assistant that's the issue. If anyone finds a solution, please share.

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