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LAST.FM Scrobbler Troubleshooting Tips

LAST.FM Scrobbler Troubleshooting Tips

Hi Spotify Community! 🙂
I've seen many users posting about issues with Last.Fm and the new scrobbler application. Most specifically, the track shows as scrobbling but doesn't save after the play. I know how frustrating this is myself!
Last.FM is aware that there are still bugs in this Beta version and are working to resolve them.
In the meantime, they have a great post on their community page that can walk you through the most common troubleshooting tips (disconnecting app on settings page, reconnecting via Spotify/rebooting the apps etc).

Personally, my mobile scrobbles work perfectly since the update/resync. This is on the current version of the Spotify iOS mobile app (8.4.53).
However, my Mac desktop app was still not syncing the scrobbles. I am temporarily solutioning it by using an older version of the app when it was working properly (I reverted via Time Machine). It is now scrobbling everything correctly on the older app version - including my Local Library files. 

I hope this can help some of you that might still be struggling with getting it to sync. I can't personally speak for any devices outside of Apple but this is my current workaround for my desktop until it's officially resolved.
Happy Listening! 🙂



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