Leaving premium because of the Windows Phone app

Leaving premium because of the Windows Phone app

I really feel like I needed to say this. The Windows Phone version of Spotify still delivers a horrible experience and I canceled my subscription because of it. I really enjoyed it on my old iPhone 4S, but now I've switched to a Lumia, and you can tell just how little care this platform receives.


So, looking for alternatives, I found napster gives me just about everytihng I could need and the app works just perfect. The design really fits the rest of the phone with pure black background and fast respone to every single touch. It's actually an APP.


The Spotify app in the other hand, you can pretty much tell it's just the web version with an "app" dress on top of it. Because of that, it looks odd, it's sluggish and drains battery like a monster.


So if anyone else feels in the same position than me, where you love the spotify premium service but hate the crappy windows phone app, well there you go.


Thankyou and goodbye.

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Hey @claudiomramirez 


A warm welcome to you to our Community.


I'm very sorry to hear that you were looking to leave us due to these thoughts. We'd love to see you back soon?


In regards to the app on your Lumia, which version are you running at current? Also, which version of OS are you running here? 


I'd love to pass your thoughts and feedback on to our devs.

HI @Jason 


Mi phone is a Lumia 1020 runing Windows Phone 8.1


I will keep testing the WP App as a free user, and would be more that happy to renew my subscription once I feel is worth it again, because honestly, being able to use it on my phone is the only reason I decided to become premium.

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