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Local files not showing up on Android or PC

Local files not showing up on Android or PC

I have gone into my settings and changed it to allow local files, but I am not seeing any of the local files I want. There are a ton of old ones that were already on my devices that I fan access, but nothing I download new is showing up. I have also had downloaded albums (both local and not) disappear from my downloads. What's going on here?
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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out!
That's indeed odd but maybe we can help you out with this 🙂

Let's start by clearing your cached data. If this doesn't do the trick - we could try a complete clean reinstall instead.


It's also a good idea to check if the local files - after being transferred to another device - would be discovered by the app from the different device. If they can't then there's probably something wrong with the files themselves and they aren't fully compatible with the app for some reason.

And as for the disappearing downloads - this could be caused by songs getting re-uploaded to Spotify. If you've had previously downloaded a track that got removed and re-uploaded later, the "new" track would have a different unique identifier and as such would be considered as a different library item - in this case as one that hasn't yet been downloaded.

Keep us posted on how it goes!

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