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Local songs greyed out on PC but active on phone

Local songs greyed out on PC but active on phone






iPhone 11

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Windows 10


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I had .mp3 files placed in the music library folder on my old PC. Keep in mind these files are synced to my phone and I downloaded them for offline use. Now I have a new PC and don't have any access to those old .mp3 files.


My issue here is that I am not able to listen to those songs on my PC but instead on my phone, as they were previously downloaded for offline use. Is there a way to listen to them on desktop?

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Hey @Ishvone,


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There is currently no way of transferring music from Spotify on your phone directly to you computer. To listen to the same playlists on your computer offline, you should login with the same account and download the playlist on your computer as well.
The offline files need to be present on the device in order for them to sync online so that they can be downloaded again and there is no way of going around that at the moment.
(Keep in mind that, if you do have access to your old hard drive/SSD, the component could get integrated in your current setup so that you can have access to your old files once again)

Thanks for understanding.
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