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Log in and playback issues with Xbox one app

Log in and playback issues with Xbox one app

I've been trying to get the spotify app to work properly for the past few days, I'm stuck on the login screen. I entered my information properly, hit login, and it doesn't do anything but grey out the button.


I've tried using the pairing code multiple times, it says on my phone that pairing was successful but the app never logs in.


Every time I select the console in my available devices through the app on my cell phone it shows the Xbox as available, but when I select the Xbox it'll connect, play 1 second of the song and then stop/disconnect.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, restarted every device multiple times, and tried every option that's available to me to log in so that I can play music.

I'm out of options... Pls help


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