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Logitech Squeezebox touch - app outdated!

Logitech Squeezebox touch - app outdated!

I love Spotify and I love my Logitech Squeezebox touch, but the app on this device is really outdated.


The most anoying thing for me is the message 'Track is not available in your region". On the desktop app you can hide songs not available for your region.


Any updates planned for this device? The app is still version 1.0, it seems it has never been updated!


Nice to have would be the 'radio' feature, like on Android.

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Hello Peter,


Here are the 2 really annoying things when using Spotify on Squeezebox :


1. "this song isn't available in your region" message? But this is not correct : Spotify PC version actually plays these songs without an issue


2. In playlists, playing stops after certain songs, without any clear reason.
     Example for me : playlist stops playing unexpectly after Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight"


Please let me know if I can help.


Lot of people are still using Squeezebox Touch because there are no better alternative on the market. There is even a grey market, where people are selling their Squeezebox Touch for astonishing prices !


If Spotify would want to create its perfect hi-quality (and reasonnably priced) HW appliance, SqueezeBox is a unbeatable opportunity ! And this is OpenSource !!!

Hey there. Award winning artist here.


I can confirm that some apps from Spotify are a bit outdated compared to anothers.


There must be some reasons on Spotify. Sometimes a little userbase is a one why some apps are outdated.


If you have listed somewhere bugs and how to reproduce it, feel free to share. Some bugs can be added to Bug area on community for review.



Please make this happen.

Like me, so many people still use squeezebox. 

The existing connect app is looking embarrasing for quite a while now and is far from user friendly compared to comparable apps nowadays.




The Spotify app disapeared from my Logitech Squeezebox. After one evening of troubleshooting I found out Spotify is no longer supporting the app as part of their strive to keep improving (!)


I would love to use Spotify Connect on the Squeezebox or on a Raspberry (that's unused these days).


Any suggestions...?

I agree.  My premium subscription will soon be cancelled for your lack of support oF SBT DEVICE.


Spotify tells me that to improve my Spotify listening experience, I can no longer use myu Squeezebox touch. Rather like saying, To Improve Your Quality of Life, we will now administer a lethal dose of cyanide

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