Lyrics Got Removed/Reverted to Incorrect Ones

Lyrics Got Removed/Reverted to Incorrect Ones







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I'm a MusixMatch Curator and synced/uploaded 10 or more lyrics roughly 3-5 days ago as most of it have made it to spotify only for it to changed back to it's original or incorrect version Friday. (In some cases if there wasn't lyrics prior they were removed all together) Our system has all of the lyrics as what we uploaded on MusixMatch just not on Spotify as we've seen the updates take place on other platforms (i.e. Instagram). We have also seen this problem take place with other users on MusixMatch. Would this be an Spotify Server Issue? 

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Same issue here. Very frustrating.  I dropped a note into the Tech Support channel on Slack at Musixmatch and got crickets.  Not a peep from ANYONE?  Very strange and doesn't give me any confidence in them at this point.  Personally, I think they are trying to do too much, too quick.  Anyway, I came here (like you) to see if the problem is on Spotifies end.  I think it is, but its not clear to me how Musixmatch's SYNC feature works (ie, is syncing a one and done operation or does it resync automatically on a timed basis or does it resync if I edit the song again?)  Thanks for posting.  I dont' feel alone anymore 🙂  good luck to us.


I did bring attention to this issue on the Curator's Slack for MusixMatch and some higher up's are acquiring enquires for this issues as they realize it's becoming a bigger issue. So hopefully soon they will realize what is wrong and fix it! To answer your question though on syncing, Syncing works based on your status and the popularity of the song. I am a Curator, as I do not have to have lyrics verified by the community, they changed because I have the Curator status. If you are part of the community/graduate, you might need the community to get your lyrics/syncing verified, or do the syncing for the song a couple times until they get into the system. So if you sync a song with a lower popularity (as just part of the community) then it might be easier to get them synced. So it just depends, hopefully this helps.

You might be able to find me on the Community Slack for MusixMatch under @akatsuroc if you have any questions 🙂 would be happy to help. 

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