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Making links open in client instead of web player

Making links open in client instead of web player



I know there are other topics about this issue but none quite like mine to my knowledge.


How do i disable the web player? Or more specifically make links from my friends open in client.


It's working well and good but i prefer using the client due to apps and easier browsing etc.

So in conclusion: How do I make links pasted from friends open in the client rather than the webplayer?


Also I notice some other similar questions have gotten the response of clearing cookies, this does not work for me. I have tried deleting all the chrome browser history and I don't have any web player addons.


This is getting really annoying.

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This works for me:


1. Go to the Chrome web store and install Switcheroo.

2. Create a rule in Switcheroo to forward to spotify:

3. Make sure the setting enabling spotify to be started from the web is on.


The rule can be disabled with two mouse clicks should the need arise. I hope this helps.

Well no everyone uses Chrome or  any other browsers soem ppl liek me  uses FB messenger or skype and the deafult browser so   a fix so that desctop spotify reconises a spotify link and opens it in spotify would be great  i my self hate the Web spotify  its  anoying 99.9% of the time 

You can now change this default behaviour in the web player settings 🙂

That is a big Negative! That option seems to have disapared. All I can change under settings in the web player is:


-Automaticaly make new playlist public

-Private seesion

-Publish my activity on facebook

-Show unavailble tracks in playlist


Nothing about where the links shall open.


Is there a workaround for Firefox?


and so almost 3 years later same problem persist... wow! Why do I pay for spotify?

This is not a solution, since you need flash to edit the settings. It still does not address the problem.

Well I have Flash, it doesn't help me. 😕
I have always had this problem, if I get a link I have to either copy/paste it, or search for the artist/track in spotify.

This is rediculous. I want to change the setting but I would need to install flash to access the settings, which I refuse to do. What a stupid idea is that please? Are there any other solutions available? 



Hi Joe,


can you please add a feature that I can deactivate this without having to install flash? I have no interest in installing flash to switch the setting.


(I tried to run it in chrome, but there's no settings icon)


Kind regards


Four years on from the original post and this issue persists. Why is there no solution from Spotify? 

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