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Missing option to choose between Spotify Connect and Google Cast

Missing option to choose between Spotify Connect and Google Cast

Since a couple of weeks ago, my Sonos Play 5 (G2) started appearing in the Spotify App as a Google Cast device, rather than a Spotify Connect enabled device - as it would usually do. I much prefer to use Spotify Connect across all my speakers and would like for the Play 5 to use Spotify Connect rather than Google Cast.

It used to be that when pressing the three dots, I was presented with the option to choose between Google Cast and Spotify Connect, when streaming to a device that has both features – at least this was the case for my Beoplay A9 MKII. This option seems to be missing from the Play 5. So, my question is; how to I choose what streaming feature to be used on a particular speaker, when the speaker supports multiple different ones?    


Thank you.


Country: Denmark 

Device: Iphone X and Sonos Play 5 G2

Operating System: IOS: 13.3.1, Sonos App: 11.1, Spotify App:


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This has happened to me too with my Onkyo Amp, which supports both. I'm not longer able to select which casting technology I want to use.

Hey there @robertjroy


Thank you for letting us know about this.


In this case it would be great if you can do a reinstall of the app and clean your cache to see if that's helpful. You can find the steps on how to reinstall the app here.


Let us know how everything went so that we can help you further if you need us. We're always one reply away 🙂



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