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Mixing virtual and physical Music collection

Mixing virtual and physical Music collection

First of all I think your service is awesome, I can find almost everything on Spotify, and for a listener for me, it’s just the paradise. The interface could sometimes be more easy, and I did not find a “genre” classification. However, I wish I would have had that when I was a teenager, I would have save a lot of money that I have spent on CDs J.


Nevertheless, I am a little bit old fashioned, there is something that I miss: the pleasure of the object. Spotify offers a lot services, content and saves a lot of space in my living room, but there is no comparable feeling of having and using a large CD/vinyle/tape collection

  • First, it’s a pitty that so many artists have invested time and money by drawing beautiful LP covers and now nobody care about
  • Second the physical digging is a real pleasure: discovering again old Lps, old songs that I haven’t heard for a while whithout being in front of a screen that tires you eyes. It is such relaxing
  • Third (the most egocentric argument), in the old days, when somone would come to your home and see your large collection he would see you as a fine knower with well set up tastes. Today a phone or a computer does not reveal your love of music, and further more everybody uses the same interface. I would not say its degrading 🙂 but you are put on the same level as everybody, and its not always rewarding 🙂


However, large collections have also there negative sides: it takes a lots of space, it costs a lot of money, it the home of dust….


So I thought they might be an compromise solution that Spotify could offer to their clients, and in which I would definitely be interested: offering a physical printing of your favorite/chosen album and their QR codes to offer an immediate access to the listening. This could take the form of a book that client could order with, maybe 8 -12 covers with QR code per page. Or clients could order the album covers on cards with the QR code. You pay per album you want to be printed. This would offer all advantages mentioned here above without the main inconvenience of taking lot of space.


I definitely would be interested with this kind of service, and to be honest I’m thinking of doing it for myself with my basic MS Office tools

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