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Most of my content gone - EDIT: problem is now spontaneously logged into different account

Most of my content gone - EDIT: problem is now spontaneously logged into different account

EDIT: I did finally figure out my web player somehow spontaneously logged me into a different account I didn't know I had, and my password for my usual account didn't work. The issue was it logged me in as "lilacks92" (which is also my email) instead of "lilacks," which is connected to a different email. The password I put in for lilacks should have worked but didn't - I've logged into it several times before through the web player and had no problems. I had to figure out what email I had associated with lilacks and do a password reset. I don't understand why it did this, and I don't know where the lilacks92 account came from, except maybe back when I made the account it wouldn't log in so I had to make a new one, and never used or figured out how to gain access to the original one. This has never happened to me in the several months I've been using Spotify heavily, though I made the account probably years ago. So the problem is now that it randomly logged me into a different account, and my password for my usual account suddenly stopped working. I was never asked to put my password in for the lilacks92 one, so this is a security issue? Now I'm going to have to try to delete that account so this doesn't happen again.







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I just opened my web player like I always do and most of my content is gone. My playlists are gone, my albums I saved to my library are gone. The only thing that's there now is one of my playlists, the last one I happened to play before closing it last time, and a new playlist I added just after opening the player this time. I tried to add a song from it to one of my playlists, and it didn't show I had any, which is what alerted me. When I was clicking things to try to figure out what was going on I clicked SOMETHING, I thought it was my username in the lower lefthand corner, and it displayed my public playlists only. So I thought I had been logged out somehow, but I logged out and logged back in and nothing changed, except now I can't even get to that page with my playlists still on it. The only thing that's still there are the two I mentoined in the  Recently Played bar on the lefthand side, since they're the last 2 I played. If I click Library, my own playlist (called Gravity) doesn't even show up there, just the other one, and it only shows up in Recently Played right no. I'm really upset about this, almost all my saved albums and playlists are gone, all my personally made playlists are gone - which represent several months of work, only some of which I wrote down elsewhere (thank god I did some of them). What's going on? Is anyone else having this problem? How do I get my stuff back?

Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 12.05.49 AM.png
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Hey there @user-removed,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


Glad to hear that you found the second account you'd accidentally logged in as. If you'd like to close that second account to avoid future mis-ups, head here.


Keep in mind to make sure you're logged in with the credentials of the account you wish to close permanently 🙂


Hope this helps!

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