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Music request~!

Music request~!

Ellow! :3

I really want some more j-rock (japanese rock) on spotify!! I can only find a few and I have listened to them so freaking much O-o

And there is only the old songs QAQ

Can you like plzz fix these?? 😧

(And more from The GazettE)




Alice nine










One ok rock




The candy spooky theater


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Hey, welcome to the Community.


Some good bands there. I'm sure we'll have them just as soon as we're able. Sometimes it takes a while to get all the rights, etc. but we get there  in the end.


In the meantime try this search to bring up a selection of the bands we do have:

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Can you please answer my thread already having this problem for 1~2  days


Any news about the addiction of J-rock (especially ONE OK ROCK) to Spotify?

This post is so old but why haven't they added any of these yet?!?! 

i really want ONE OK ROCK on spotify please!!!

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