My Xbox One does not appear on Spotify Connect

My Xbox One does not appear on Spotify Connect

 When trying to log into my account on Xbox One, I open the app on my Android phone, and play a song, then when I go to Devices Available, my Xbox One isn't there to connect to it, I looked at all the steps and the troubleshooting steps, re-installed both apps, nothing worked.


Anyone else have this issue or is there a definitive solution out there?


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I am having same issue.....

Same issue.


Make sure both Xbox One and your phone is on the same wifi network.

Another thing to try: start Spotify on Xbox first and then try to select xbox from the phone menu.

If that doesn't help, please post bit more details:

  • Xbox One firmware version
  • Your mobile phone model and version
  • Spotify App version on the Phone
  • Your network setup (e.g. router name, xbox conencted over wire of wifi etc.)

I'm having the same issue. I have switched networks on both my phone and Xbox to see if it shows, and it doesn't. I can see my neighbors ps4 and Google cast but not my xbox.

Hey there, try uninstalling your Spotify app from you mobile device and then reinstall it. That worked for me.

Same issue, I find it's the Spotify app that is the problem. I always just force stop the app from phone settings and re open.

THIS WORKS!!! thank you do much

Just force stop the app on your phone in app settings. Then close it and re open it. And the Xbox will shoe on devices. Assuming they are both already connected to wifi and spotify is open on your Xbox! 

It worked for me. Thanks and your welcome.

You're welcome!!!

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