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Need Equalizer ! Any recommendation ?

Need Equalizer ! Any recommendation ?


I was looking far an Equalizer and found "EQUALITY" who call themselves the "Equalizer for Spotify".


Does anybody have experiences with that tool ?

Is it safe ?


I would love to have an EQ on the Spotify surface ! Is there something in progress ???



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Hey there and thanks for your question 🙂

There is no buil-in EQ in Spotify for Windows Phone.


If any news about this, I will inform you.


I'm sorry!

Hi, I don´t want it for a phone device. I need it for my laptop.

Any suggestion ? 

Some laptops have pre-installed progranms that can be optimised for EQ.


One is Dolby Home Theater program (at least in my Acer laptop).

Any experience with EQUALIFY ???

If you have a Nokia phone, you can manage the equalizer directly through the settings in your phone.  It will also manage the equalizer for Spotify.


See the screenshots here:

Hey there.


I don't have any words to say about Equalify. I listen music without EQ on my laptop, I prefer music original - it's how Artist mentioned music to listen.

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