New Web Player is garbage.

New Web Player is garbage.


Why did you strip all of the functionality of the web player out? No more play queue? No more seeing how many likes a song has? No more suggested/similar songs in the bottom right? These are all features i used every day..... Please make the web player great again. I can't download the desktop app at work. -Loyal Customer

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Hey @bonethetone, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thank you for your honest feedback about the Web Player. Spotify is always trying to improve by adding or removing services. Here is some more information about tests that Spotify may run:


Hopefully, you will see those features that you love back again soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and happy listening 🙂


Thanks @lukenamop.

I understand that experimentation for the sake of the product is all well and good, but at the moment i am paying for a service with what i consider severely limited functionality.

No need to collect metadata and crunch the numbers to see if i like it.

I can tell you i don't like it. In fact, I strongly dislike this new web player.

Please help me escape from this existence as a frustrated spotify lab rat. 


My web client has also been changed to the newer version.  My friend is still getting the older (much better) one. Just to clarify,  are you saying this change is temporary?


The number one MAIN REASON I chose Spotify over other music streaming services is the ability to add a song to my Queue.  This is the most imporant feature of your service that sets it apart.  No longer having this feature in the web player is a huge bummer!  Why take functionality away from your player?  Who in the history of anything as ever asked for fewer features?


The outright cheek of this. "We're going to experiment on you, without even asking you."


How do I get out of this "trial" and go back to the old layout?


Don't worry, the downloaded client is awful too. Often can't open, play songs after waking from sleep, plays fast-forwarded songs (seriously spotify), etc. It's pretty much a disaster on all platforms.

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