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New search algo sucks

New search algo sucks

Search algorithm seems to have changed few minutes ago here in India. See the below pic.

Screenshot from 2022-05-04 21-27-33.png

There are many tracks available in Spotify which match my search (title & artist); they should be at the top of the search result, like in the previous algorithm.

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chiming in on this one. Here (Germany) I noticed an improved search function yesterday (better handling of common abbreviations like "feat." "ft", or "pts"). That's good (although I couldn't replicate this improvement today).


However, since today I will always receive recommendations for some presumably popular titles (like "As It Was" from Harry Styles), no matter what search term I enter. I don't know if that's a bug or a "feature" (boosting titles that are likely to be popular anyway).

It is slightly annoying if I receive the Harry Styles title in my list of searched items when it appears behind the title that I actually searched.

It is quite annoying if I search for a title that is not on Spotify and receive the Harry Styles title as the very first entry - suggesting that I found something when in fact I didn't.

But I find it unacceptable if I search for something, Spotify yields a hit, and still displays the searched item in second place. Example attached. Why do I get a recommendation for Harry Styles in first place when I am entering the title of a symphony (and the actual hit appears in second place)??


spotify search.jpg

@Randomitsuki YouTube Music does the "slightly annoying" and "quite annoying". Until recently it has been a plus point of Spotify that in search results it shows only what is searched for, nothing extra. I hope Spotify goes back to that.

Yeah...algoritm is **bleep**. Really dont know how people like this have radio without no profiles


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