No "Radio" Option in WebPlayer


No "Radio" Option in WebPlayer

According to this article:


I should see "Radio" on the left hand side-bar however my WebPlayer is completely missing that option. I am also missing the start Radio options from an artist/album/song page. I have tried both Chrome and Internet Explorer. I am able to play radio stations through the iPhone app. Is there something I need to do to get radio active in the WebPlayer?


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I had the same problem. It says here, that the webplayer is simplified and they suggest downloading the desktop app. I did this and the radio option now appears for me. 

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If anyone else ever runs into this issue you can access the radio section by folowing the link: 

Looks like this is unavailable as well. "Sorry, couldn't find that."


Hmm.. that's no fun. What happened?

Same here. "Sorry, couldn't find that". The radio option in the new Spotify web player update seems to be completely eliminated. Really disappointing.

I typed and then bookmarked this https://
​ and it works for me! Everything is still there
and I can still add from my own playlists by typing in the exact name of my
playlist. I can't remember if I found this online or if I figured it out by
just playing around with different ideas. Anyway I have a horrible time
trying to use the "community" and usually don't understand how to use it so
if this helps anyone else, would you post it. Just put it under your own
name and thanks! Maria ​

I have tried these solutions, and still can seem to get the radio. Are there any other solutions? My currant log in is the only one with issues. 

okay- I came upon this completely by accident - I found a radio station
listed as "Z" (I think that was the name) as I was searching for a quiet
ambient station. I cannot remember how I found my own Spotify listings
through this station but nevertheless it happened. Try this and see if it
works for you... - It works
very nicely for me. I immediately bookmarked it! I really hope this works
for you and anyone else going without their Spotify radio. I pay for
Spotify so I think the least they could do is have a working radio for
EVERYONE! Good luck - I really hope this is the way around it for you. Take
Care - Maria

Right click on the artist thumbnail after searching his/her name, or right click on the artist's name in the Recently Played left sidebar, and click "Start Radio".

Yes, that does seem to work. but still don't have the same layout as I used to.  That is the only way I could play radio, I can't even see the playlist, or recent radio stations, or even radio stations I've saved in the past. 

the same thing keeps happening to me. its like spotify changes format sometimes, i thought it might have to do with being logged in on another device but nope. its like spotify lite, you can only search for artists and listen to your library, but the radio and the whole left side of the interface becomes severely limited. anyone have any other ideas on how to solve?

My solution was to go back to Pandora. I hadnt used it in quite a while and I have ot say I like the current Pandora setup much more than what Spotify changed to.

Agreed! Did you ever figure this out?? Let me know. Thanks. 🙂

No longer works

So since the radio is still available in the android app, i'm guessing this is Spotify's way of trying to get people off the web player and into their apps (presumably for more data collection/selling). So annoying; I don't want your app on my work computer. Please stop neutering

Pardon me, but right-click in a web? That's next to invisible and undiscoverable for me. I wouldn't have figured that out if I wouldn't have find this thread. Please add a proper button, or a three-dot menu or something I can left-click on.

I want to use the browser at work and not download an app. now the radio features dont work anymore. Together with the last stupid browser update and the general lack of functional playlist features, I am getting really sick of Spotify. I really wonder why I am giving them my money when what I receive is a mediocre, annoying product.

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I had the same problem. It says here, that the webplayer is simplified and they suggest downloading the desktop app. I did this and the radio option now appears for me. 

Exactly. My solution was to give my money to Google Muisic. I haven't used Spotify in the last couple months due to their anoying limited interface. 

Nail in the coffin for Spotify. How can they be that dumb? I can't download apps on my work computer. Bye-bye! Back to Pandora it is.

It seems to be a regional thing. If you're in the US you might see radio whereas if you're overseas, you may not. Probably due to licensing restrictions.

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