No "Your Music" on LG TV Spotify App

No "Your Music" on LG TV Spotify App


Hi folks,


Hoping someone can help me. I have a LG 49UF695V which I bought about a month ago. It has the spotify app and I have a subscription. I have two issues:


The "Your Music" listings (songs, albums etc) which would normally appear on other platforms doesn't show on this TV. The only way I can play music which I preselected on another device is to put it in a playlist. 


The other issue is that as spotify plays on one device at a time, you can normally control what's playing from the other device, for example, I can control what's playing on my tablet with my phone as long as both are logged in - but this isn't the case with the LG app. All it'll do it let me play on one device only, and not control the other device. 


I've spoken with LG and they said they couldn't recreate the issue. Tried factory reset on TV and the problem is the same. LG have suggested it's a spotify issue. 


Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this the way the app should be?



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