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Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.


Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.

Hi there,

I have an Onlyo NR-616 with the latest firmware, when I open Spotify Connect on my mobile device (Samsung S3) my Onkyo reciever is not listed. How can I remedy this?

Thanks in advance


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Does not work for me. And why it was working before? Something changed in a update from spotify I think.

When I start up from my phone the onkyo becomes visable on the desktop app. So I think the desktop version has a bug. Because everything works whell on my phone.

It has been working pretty well for me lately from both PC and phone. It seems to me that they've got the issues ironed out. I really like the fact that when I come home from work the state of the application reflects where I left off at work. 

For me it stil does not work. Verry enouying to pay premium and not able to use device connect. 

What kind of solutions did you use tspitzer?

Upgraded my receivers. Now using an Onkyo TX-NR646
and a Yamaha RX-A760
Spotify works amazingly well with the Yamaha, it will even turn the
receiver on if it is off and I want to play Spotify on it.

In replying to you, I wanted to be sure I wasn't speaking out of school, as
it were. So I tested the desktop and mobile apps, and of course, the Onkyo
receiver did not initially appear in the device list. I shut off the Onkyo
receiver, and shut off the power from the strip for a few seconds. Then I
re-enabled the power, turned on the receiver, and tried again. At this
point, the Onkyo receiver appeared in Spotify's device list and I could
send the music stream to it. So you might try a cold power cycle when you
have the problem.

The Spotify connection is clearly a lot more brittle on Onkyo than on some
other brands of receivers.

I tried the power option, does not work. I think it is the desktop app because on my android phone everything works fine. And when I start playing my android app it starts on my desktop app.

If you have removed special characters and spaces from the name of the device, your issue has to do with something else. Maybe your network or you PC firewall. As you say if it was working before, check for recent security updates in your PC or changes in your network or security configuration.

 Since I posted my solution I have not had any issues with PCs or mobile phoes what so ever.

Thx I think it has something to do with an update in the desktop app.

After the latest update spotify starts up with windows. I put in settings to no and removerd it from start up. 

Should I create a new topic for this or are this bugs related? I start to dislike spotify with this error. and everything worked fine before.

I think I found it. It was not working because of VPN connection. That what was change in the network.

Luigi, being the owner of a 626, your solution worked for me! Just changed the 626 to a 636.
You are a genius, thanks / as I listen much to Spotify, Spotify Connect has improved my music experience a lot. It works smooth, with no interruptions and with better sound quality compared to the Bluetooth connection I used before.


Marked as solution

Great to know it worked. The most incredible part is that after years Onkyo
has done nothing to solve this.

Somehow I see ANOTHER older post here marked as solution.

So please to you and everyone that found the solution to work: To help
others please mark the solution that worked for you clicking on "ACCEPT AS

Great to know it worked. The most incredible part is that after years Onkyo
has done nothing to solve this.

Somehow I see ANOTHER older post here marked as solution.

So please to you and everyone that found the solution to work: To help
others please mark the solution that worked for you clicking on "ACCEPT AS

I have still no solution. When I power on my receiver first and than the pc I have no problem. Do I power on the pc first I have to reboot. The function connection list has to work in premium service that is the improtand reasson for me to pay for sportify. I really hate it that it is not working properly.


Not one of the above sollutions did work for me so I hope it will be fixed soon. Otherwise I end my payment, I think


I think your problem may not be related to this issue.

I did a clean install for Windows 10. Problem solved now. No idea what the problem was.

Look at this message from Spotify:

'As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, the Spotify app will be removed from Onkyo speakers on July 19th 2017. For more information, and for other ways to stream to your speakers'.

So as of this date Spotify doesn't support a large number of Onkyo receivers, i.e. TX- 8050.

I solved this problem by buying Google Chromcast Audio, connected it with a optical cable to the optical Game port, connected Chromecast to my WIFI with the Google Home app (Android). Now I can use my Premium subscription with my Onkyo. My cellphone is the remote controller of the Spotify app. Works great!

How do you log in when you hit that IP address? 

I specifically am getting a user/pass set of fields.

Marked as solution

I have Integra 20.4 have problem.


Use browser open the device IP.

Change the Friendly Name from "DTR-20.4"  to "DTR20.4"

It is work !!!!!



I did get a wiondows 10 update and now is the spotify connect not working anymore. I have to reboot to get the connected device. Some problem with windows? An update is destroying spotify connect. Do not know how to fix it. I do not want to reinstall my windows.

I have found a very reasonable solution that works both on Android and IoS.

I bought a Gramofon and connected it to my ONKYO TX8050 with a optical cable.

Works flawless ! 65,- euro solution for my android and Ipad 😉

As a premium member of spotify I almost quit my contract because this is really very very bad service not supporting excisiting systems without any warning or legitime reason.

My new Apple TV waits for this moment..

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