Order by Songlength


Order by Songlength


Not sure if this should rather be in the ideas section.

I ordered a rather big playlist (about 2600 songs) by the legth of the songs. Many songs have the same length.
The songs with the same length are not played how they are shown in the playlist.
Say 2:07 has 10 songs. Those songs are all played before going on to songs of length 2:08 but not in the order displayed.
Also when I delete one of the songs, the displayed order of the songs with the same time changes completely.

This has probably to do with how the queue and the sorting are set up and can not be fixed from my side.

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This is very odd. It seems like the date the tracks were added to the playlist are taken into consideration when there are songs that have the same play length - this would also explain why the order changes if you remove a song from the playlist.


As a workaround you can remove all the songs with the same length and add them again one after the other in the order you'd like them to be played.


Hope this helps. Give us a shout if you have any further questions.

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Hi @Xenia,


thank you. The order it is really played in is helpful to know. But your solution would not fix the issue I'm having trouble with. The size of the playlist is too big for that anyway. 
My problem is that the displayed playlist (ordered by time) in the playlist view is not consistend with the order it is played in.

For example I have (more than) two songs of length 2:07 one added on the 25th and one added on the 12th of June. They are shown in that order and not in the order they were added i.e. the order they are played in.

If the date it was added to the playlist is taken into consideration for when it will be played, then why is it not taken into consideration for how it is displayed in the playlist view?

I can make you a video of what I mean, if that helps you understand my problem.


As a temporary solution: If you order by song length and then copy the playlist into an empty one, it will play the songs in that order, probably because they are added in that order to the new playlist.
This doesn't solve the problem if you want to keep the playlist in a specific order though.

As a note: This has to be done everytime a new song is added to the playlist.