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[Other] Google Home MINI Ordering Issues

[Other] Google Home MINI Ordering Issues



I recently signed up for spotify premium to claim my google home mini. After signing up, I ended my premium as I have a seperate spotify account with a different email that I continue to use premium on. Upon trying to claim my google home mini through the link sent by spotify, I get brought to a screen that prompts me to purchase a premium family plan on spotify. I was expecting to go to a page to enter specifics about what I want for my google home mini (Ie. color etc).  I told spotify support about this issue, but they have been unhelpful so far. I was told that I should have an email sent to me by google, however that never came. What should I do? It has been almost 2 weeks and it seems like spotify is giving me the run around. Any help is appreciated, thanks. 

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