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[Other] New fees for 2021

[Other] New fees for 2021

Changed fees for 2021

Spotify changed fees starting Feb 1 2021. I got notice of this roughly 10% increase Feb 1 2021! Whaaat! Is this right? Cannot be! I wonder what the 100 pages terms say about it?

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Suddenly having to pay more for a service you use is only natural to be frustrating. But price adjustments are sometimes necessary so companies can continue to operate, improve, add new features and stay competitive. There can be many reasons for this, some even external ones, requiring to adjust prices to reflect local macroeconomic factors and meet market demands, while at the same time being able to keep the expected service from customers.

In this case, Spotify has notified all existing subscribers to let them know when new prices will become effective and the new price points for Premium plans. Existing users will also have a grace period until the new price is effective during which they can decide if they want to continue subscribing under the new price. Even if there's no way to continue using Spotify at the previous prices, I still hope this info was useful.

I do appreciate that fees need to be adjusted occasionally.

Maybe you missed my point (which I tried to be clear of). I got the information, the first information of the fee change Feb 1, 2021. New fees came into effect Feb 1, 2021. Same Day! This cannot be the way!

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