PS4 Playstation not showing as Spotify connect until explicitly started

PS4 Playstation not showing as Spotify connect until explicitly started

I need help in how understanding how Spotify connect is supposed to work on PS4 and what changed recently. 


I have a PS4 (bought the classic intentionally to get the optical out, and a hifi toslink D/A) connected to my stereo. Since I bought it (Oct ’16) it has been working fine just to wake it up, and then shortly after discover it as an available device in the Spotify app (on android).

Everyone was happy. Life was beautiful.

Until recently, when the device stopped appearing in Spotify (android app). Now I need to wake PS, start the TV, and go into my PS profile, start the Spotify App in the PS each time. Then, it appears in the phone/pad device and I can control it from there as I used to. 

But a tedious process which really takes the edge of using the PS as a music device. 


Since it worked like a charm earlier, this must be related to a recent update, somehow disrupting some background PlayStation Music/Spotify service, which earlier run without the need of explicitly starting spotify. 


Still, the guide on spotify does not really say the app in the PS4 must be started by hand each time which also indicates that this is not how it is supposed to work. or?


I have Spotify Premium. PS4 is wired on local ethernet. 


Does someone experience the same recent change? Any tips/tricks - or might it be a recent incompatibility between versions - hopefully to be mended again soon by Spotify or Sony?

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Same here on a ps4 pro... any solution?




You shall be able launch Spotify and even wake PS4 remotely from your mobile as long as you are on the same local network. Assuming you have enabled wake from sleep permission in the PS4 Spotify app everything should work. I think PS4 shall be in "Rest Mode" and not completely turned off .


My suggestion would be to bisect the issue by trying other mobile phone or desktop app.


Also, some network routers could drop network discovery packets for no good reason.




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