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PS4 Spotify App Integration

PS4 Spotify App Integration

"Spotify used to be awesome on PS4... now it won't let me login via PS4 App.


So here's the problem.  I have a Spotify account linked to my Facebook.  Spotify app brings up a login box, I can't use my email address and have no idea what my password is.


I've done some troubleshooting after looking over the forums.  I have my device password, which then I attempt to change through using the web's version of "Set your Device password".  After the link is emailed to me, I put in a device password, 12 characters long, alpha-numerical with numbers and special characters.  This returns "There was a problem setting your password".


After that was failing I read a little deeper and found out you can set your password through the facebook security settings, so I did this and attempted to use my device username to login to the PS4 app.  No go.


Please help, I'd like to get back to blaring music loudly in my apartment and annoying my downstairs neighbors.





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