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PS4 connection

PS4 connection

Two weeks ago I'v posted this: 

"Since recently I can't connect to my PS4 if the app isn't opened on my PS4, this could be done before."


I got this reply:

"Hey @Withoutab, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Try restarting the app by holding down the PlayStation button & selecting Close Application. Once closed, reopen the app. 


If this doesn't help, deleting and reinstalling the app might do the trick. It's also worth a shot resetting your network router.


Let us know how it goes 🙂 "


Unfortunately the notification came in my unwanted inbox, so I didn't see it then. The problem still persists though. I tried all the above possibilities, but as I expected these didn't work. Also it seems that you don't quite understand what the actual problem is, therefore I'll elaborate it a bit further.

Before this problem first occured, I could just grab my phone and tap connect to PS4 while playing a game. I didn't have to open the spotify app on my PS4 in order to start playing music. This doesn't work any longer.  Now I have to close my game and open the spotify app on my PS4 before I can connect my phone to it.

Another thing I just checked, is that it's impossible to turn on my PS4 to start spotify through the network, which also should be possible (with the option "turning on PS4 from restmode with spotify connect" enabled and the PS4 in restmode).


Edit: To be clear: I can connect my phone to my PS4, but only after turning it on from resmode and opening the spotify app on my PS4.

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