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Phantom Firefox Webplayer device interrupts playback

Phantom Firefox Webplayer device interrupts playback







Linux or Mac computers, running WebPlayer through Chrome.  Also occurs on Android device.

Operating System

Ubuntu and High Sierra and Oreo.


My Question or Issue

When I am listening to music, it will occasionally stop and claim to be playing on a "different device" - Web Player (Firefox).  This occurs when I am listening through the mobile app on my phone, and the Web Player on either Mac or Linux machines.  The effects are that my current stream stops playing and also that my playlists get cluttered with seemingly random playlists that get played on the Web Player (Firefox).  If I switch back to the device I was trying to listen on, it does not go back to the song I was listening to, but rather a song from one of these random playlists. 


I sign into my account using facebook.  I have tried signing out from all devices on both my spotify and facebook accounts and this has not fixed the issue.  I searched for this issue in your community and did not find anything.  Let me know if more details are required.


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