Playback issues on Echo Dot

Playback issues on Echo Dot

This problem started today, when I wanted to listen to music. I asked Alexa to play my playlist and everything was fine. But after 30-40 seconds the playback started to freeze, and It got a latency. If I open my Spotify app I can see that the bar over the playback control is jumping back and forth 1-2 seconds. On my phone I can play songs without a problem. And if I ask Alexa immidiately after this lag for example about the weather she answers without any problem. I tried to restart my router and modem and also my Echo Dot but It didn't solved the issue. 

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I have this problem, too. 

Spotify stutters and cuts out on all my Alexa devices all the time. It started a few days ago. 

Everything else regarding Alexa works fine. 

Amazon support told me it must be a Spotify issue. 


Problem still persists 😞

When I selected the Echo Dot as playback device, all equalizer settings have been greyed out (Android device)?

Sorry, the workaround I proposed didn't work- After a while the problem came back.

Here I am, still unable to use Spotify on my Echo devices. 😞


I'm having this problem too on my echo dot when playing from Spotify. Everything else works good. With Spotify, the music starts lagging severely. Please fix it! 

The issue suddenly disappeared for me.

I didn't change anything and now Spotify on Echo works as it is supposed to.

Thank you Spotify team!!

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