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Playlist is apparently hidden for me?

Playlist is apparently hidden for me?






Moto G4, Spotify PC.

Operating System

Android 7, Windows 10.


My Question or Issue

I used to listen to this playlist, then all of the sudden, it just doesn't appear to me anymore. Luckily, Google still has it in its records, meaning if I search for it, it still gives me its link. Which is:


Now. Apparently this playlist is from Spotify UK. Is that the reason why I can't access it anymore? Because it's geolocked now? What's going on?

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Hey @TheItalo013,


Thanks for getting in touch. Some content may be added or removed for several reasons, but it seems you can search for it on google and find the playlist.


If possible, open the Spotify app instead, and enter the following in the search bar:  



Open the playlist, and follow it. 


This should make the playlist appear for you. Keep in mind that playlists that have few or no followers might be difficult to find, so this might be the reason why you had trouble with this.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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