Playlists on Pioneer AVH-x3700dab


Playlists on Pioneer AVH-x3700dab



I have an iPhone 5S, which I have been using with Apple Music for a while. This worked seamlessly together with my Pioneer AVH-3700DAB player in my car. By this I mean that I could start up the car, wait a few seconds for the BT to connect, and then I could browse the Apple Music playlists on the Pioneer device. The playlists were presented on the Pioneer device, and I could scroll through the songs the same way I would have done on the phone when choosing songs to play. This means that I never had to physically touch my phone, it could be in my pocket all the time.

Now; when I try to do the same with Spotify, it just doesnt work.If I want to play a song, I have to physically grab the phone, open the Spotify app, open a playlist, and choose a song to play. If I try to open playlists on the Pioneer device, it actually shows some of the Spotify playlists (Trending, Norway Top 50 etc.), but they are all empty.

Next/previous song, pause/play by pushing the Pioneer device works, but not browsing playlists.

Any suggestions? This is really the one single thing that is preventing me to enjoy Spotify completely.

Thanks in advance.

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