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Team of Spotify,


I have a problem with the podcasts in Spanish, I don't understand why can I add new podcasts but I cannot eliminate them,  you added the feature "not interested" but that doesn't help, in English they disappear, what's the problem here? 


best regards,



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Hey @BriParedes,


Thanks for posting in the Community and for the info shared.


In this case, we'd like to gather some additional info. You mentioned you cannot eliminate podcasts, so, just to confirm, are you unable to remove them from your episodes folder/library? Or, even if you select the not interested option, the podcast still shows up in the podcast subfeed? It'd be awesome if you could send us more information.

On another note, has the app always been behaving like this, or does it start to happen after a specific event, such as an OS update? Please send us the details about it.

Lastly, would you mind sending us the exact OS version of the affected device, along with the Spotify version you're running there?


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Hey @AlejaR,


I eliminated every Podcasts from my library, I don't have any more Podcasts added, they only still show up in the podcasts subfeed even when I selected the not interested option. 


Well, this has been happening before and after the update of the not interested option


The OP is Android 13 and the Spotify Version is


Best regards,

Briggitte Paredes 



Hi there @BriParedes,


Thanks for the post and the recording.


Currently there is no way to remove podcasts and podcast recommendations from Spotify completely. If you've played a podcast and then have unfollowed it and removed it from your library, it will take some time for the podcast to be removed from your feed. This happens automatically, once the algorithm has gathered enough data on your listening activity. 


Unfortunately, there is no way to manually remove those podcasts. 


You can add your +Vote to this Idea about removing and manually managing podcasts on your Spotify. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to get implemented. 



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