Podcast episodes disappearing and reappearing

Podcast episodes disappearing and reappearing







iPhone SE 2nd gen

Operating System

iOS 15.4

Spotify version 8.7.16


My Issue:

A podcast I listen to started having a strange issue today. The podcast is called Storytime. The issue is that all episodes of the podcast except the episodes published from August 17th-20th of 2020, have disappeared. The podcast has been running for several years so a large chunk of the episodes have disappeared and I have no idea why. All of the episodes that have disappeared have also disappeared from my history and notifications. I don’t have any filters on so that isn’t the issue. The host posts several times a day usually 2-3. Earlier after the disappearance he posted an episode and all of the missing episodes reappeared on his channel page, my history, and my notifications. Around 30 minutes later (that’s a guess lol) while watching one of his episodes the issue reappeared. I was able to watch two (2) more episodes before it completed stopped working. Now not only are most of his episodes missing but spotify keeps putting the first episode that was released on August 17th in my que. So after I listen to a song it immediately plays it but beforehand it doesn’t appear in my que. 


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Hi @ww2122u3hkqg75cpyyhd,


Thanks for posting on the Community and welcome!


Would you mind sending us the URI of the Podcast show you mentioned so we can take a closer look? Also, let us know if this happens with other shows and when playing on other devices.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply. 



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