Podcast will play but doesn't have a page

Podcast will play but doesn't have a page







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There is a podcast that I really want to listen to and subscribe to. When I search the name, the episodes show up and I am able to listen to them, so I know that they exist on Spotify. But when I click the podcast it says that no page exists. So there is no way for me to follow the podcast, or find a podcast page. The podcast is "This Day in History Class" by HowStuffWorks. 

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Hey @karatoby.


That's odd. Let's try pasting this URI "spotify:show:3i60IXPK1bU0F5rSAlLkT4" on your app's search bar. It should take you to the podcast's home page, so you can give it a follow.


If you get the same error message, try reinstalling your Spotify to see if it helps.


All the best.

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