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[Podcasts] Actually make Spotify useful for podcast users

[Podcasts] Actually make Spotify useful for podcast users

Hi.  I will cut to the chase. Your podcast useability is awful.  Just trash. Once you bought the JRE podcast, I thought I may as well swap as many podcasts as possible over to your client, and just use that instead of pocket casts. I just can't do it. No specific 'podcasts' list within my own feed?!?! Is this for real? Unless one of my podcasts released an episode an hour ago, I need to manually go and look for each podcast!  Its madness. I have no idea why you would pay the money you have to certain podcasters, and not implement a decent UI upgrade for podcast listeners. Unless I can find it, In which case, its just implemented badly because none of my friends can find it either. Honestly, i'd like to use Spotify for my podcasts, but right now, its just trash. 

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