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Podcasts are not available in Ukraine


Podcasts are not available in Ukraine

Dear Spotify, it's almost 2 years since your service has successfully launched in Ukraine, though still Spotify Podcasts as a significant part of service are not available in Ukraine even for premium users.


In these dramatic times our country is currently undergoing we still strive to remain strong, positive and open to the world. Still it feels awkward to be cut off from vast array of world opinion makers content that you exclusively provide.


Considering Podcasts are available in lots of other countries (even, forgive me God, russia before sanctions), I wonder if it's possible to support Ukrainian people by providing this content.


Please, do your best and support Ukraine by enabling Spotify Podcast in our country!











(iPhone 11, Mac M1, Alexa)



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Thanks, Spotify! We can now access Podcasts here in our beloved Ukraine 🙂

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I still wonder why I should listen to podcasts using another platform while paying Spotify... Login out and use of VPN works too, but why is it necessary in the first place? Can we at least get an answer?

Agreed. I, too, can't think of a reason why would podcasts still not be available in Ukraine. I study Japanese, and as immersion content I like to listen to Japanese podcasts. I found Spotify's podcast system to be very handy (the way it shows how much of each episode you've listened through), and it's a real shame I can't listen to podcasts now that I switched my country to Ukraine. Have to use VPN and relog constantly

Spotify PR....I read your statements on the Ukraine-Russia war.... kind of pathetic.... for 2 years You are not answering anyone from Ukraine to any questions about content not being available...
SO....kkggF888[[[ you.... I will tell every friend to cancel their accounts and switch to the competition that isn't.....well you.

During the war, people need to have all possible information resources. Podcasts are one of them. It's time to turn on podcasts in Ukraine!

Still no podcasts for my country Ukraine, can we have at least some expectations?

Same concern here. After living in Germany where i started using the app i pretty much got used to listen to podcasts on Spotify. Now when I'm back to Ukraine it's very unpleasantly surprizing to see all my favorite podcasts gone. Please fix this.

Guys, it's nice that we don't have their podcasts in Ukraine, because there is some russian propaganda...image 1.jpg

just FYI - after 5 years on Spotify I switched to Deezer.

Any updates on this? When podcasts will be in ua?

Can you comment if you think Deezer is better and why?

Can you comment if you think Deezer is better and why?

Finally, we got podcasts! Thank you, Spotify 🤗


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Thanks, Spotify! We can now access Podcasts here in our beloved Ukraine 🙂

@Spotify, what about Moldova?? Premium users have no access to podcasts.

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