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Policing commercial use of Spotify

Policing commercial use of Spotify


How do Spotify police it's use in commercial contexts - for example Bars, Restaurants etc? Know you're only support personal use, but we all know that businesses use Spotify a lot when they shouldn't. How can they even tell if someone is using it commercially? I'm not convinced they can or have even really investigated it that much.


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It's not allowed to use Spotify in a commercial setting. Spotify is for personal-use only. Using Spotify for commercial goals, may result in termination of your Spotify account. There's more information in the Terms and Conditions.


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I understand your concern. Keep in mind that Spotify is for personal, non-commercial use only, and you can learn more about this by checking out this Spotify Answer.


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thanks guys, yeah, I know they're the rules, but are they actually enforced is my real question? Seems like it's kind of in Spotify's interest to look the other way rather than shut people down for using their accounts incorrectly? Would love to know if there is any info on how many accounts have actually been closed down for use in a commercial setting. How is mis-use even regulated?

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