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Problem scrobbling to last f,

Problem scrobbling to last f,

Since some week i experience some trouble scrobbling from spotify web player (Chrome) to Last FM. Can someone help me understand why it does not work? I've tried to disconnect and reconnect my account multiple times. No results.

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I too am unable to scrobble now using the Spotify Web Player. The option for authentication seems to be missing from the new settings interface as well, and the official Spotify help document for integration is not up to date with the new UI.

Also having the same issue with Firefox since the update to the web player-- doesn't look like scrobbling is an option anymore. I was still successfully scrobbling up until the day the web player updated.

I have been having this issue for well over a month. I've tried tweeting for the Spotify help staff, but they don't seem to understand what scrobbling is, let alone the fact there's no option to enable it on the new webplayer UI.


Very frustrating. Why was scrobbling removed?

I've seen a bunch of people say this. I still have the "Scrobble to" option available under the settings for my account. Are you using free Spotify?  I wonder if that could be the difference...

The difference is this relates to the web player. There is no 'settings' menu there, and scrobbles just don't happen.

I understand that. I'm using the web-player, myself. In my instance of the web-player, there is a "gear" icon in the lower left corner of the page that if you click on it takes you to the settings. Under there is a "Scrobble to" option. 


As for scrobbles not happening, I ended up switching to Firefox for the time being and scrobbling seems to be fine there. I might try using Chromium again today and see if they ever fixed this issue.

How peculiar. The cog icon disappeared when the web player moved to its current version. Its absence explains most of the people in this thread!


Then again as a Chromebook user I'm unable to test using other browsers, so can't comment on whether it's a Chrome-only issue.

Oh weird... I wonder why I'm not seeing the same version of the web player. I'm using Chromium and Firefox on Debian Linux. I wonder if it could be a regional thing? I'm in the USA and have not seen my web-player change.


Edit: From a bit more research, it sounds like I might not yet be switched to the new web player (thank goodness?). I'm going to be pretty upset when I get switched over and there is no support. 

I have Spotify premium and after the webplayer update I'm not able to see scrobbles anymore. Everything seems to be working fine when listening using the desktop/mobile app.

This problem is happening in Chrome under Arch Linux and there is no option related to in the new interface...


Please, just revert the Web App. Sorted.


How can it be good idea to remove 70% of the functionality, no reason it can't look 'next gen' and still have a ********** settings menu (or a play queue, or partial albums, or radio, or playlist rearranging...........



I was switched over to the new version of the web player over the weekend, and lost support, like most everyone else here, as a result.  Please get this sorted, thanks.  It is incredibly frustrating!


It appears that I also got switched over in Chrome. No support. Guess I'm stuck using the desktop app for as long as *that* supports 

Anyone know when this will get fixed?  Also on the web player on chrome and all the settings have been removed....

@SpotifyCares on twitter says, "The option to scrobble isn't on the new web player. Scrobbling is available on the desktop and mobile app."

When pressed for an ETA on when the scrobbling feature will be implemented, they said, "We don't have an exact date yet."  And then, "We're still testing and improving the new web player, so we'll pass this onto the team," which it what like half their tweets say because everyone hates the new webplayer. LOL

So first I don't get my Year in Review at all and now Spotify remove Last.FM support on the web player. This is getting ridiculous. I'm a premium user and more and more features are being removed  - what are we actually getting out of it? Nothing.


Hurry up and bring it back or revert the player.

So, they answered via Twitter?

Why the **bleep** there is a community page in first place?? Four pages of comments and topics about this issue and zero official information!

- Thank you @ranoa513 for posting their message, by the way.

Temporarty solution if you're using chrome, also a great plugin in general, allows scrobbling from pretty much any music site you can imagine. Great for when I'm checking out new video releases on youtube.


When built in scrobbling is working you can disable scrobbling site by site basis on the plugin setting so you don't get duplicate scrobbles.

For what it's worth, this issue is affecting me. The only reason I use Spotify is because of it's support.


I doubt that Spotify cares, but this is grounds for me to cancel my subscription.


I will begin looking today and if I can find another streaming service that offers support for, I'm dropping Spotify because the turn around time for major issues like this is pathetic.


Web player is garbage now, and it didn't use to be. Additionally, it's harder to search for Music. The font is WAY too big and the details for artists become increasingly inaccurate. 


 If Spotify can at least give me a timeline for getting this repaired, I'd consider staying, but I suspect they'll never fix this. Which is a shame, I hate being driven away from products that have good core functionality. The streaming was never a problem for me, it was always the UX.

Please let us know if you find other music streaming service as spotify.


This issue is also important for me. I am a musician and i need what I have listened to be shared on so i can find back the tracks.


My problem is that I am not admin on my pc so I can not install add-ons or desktop version of spotify. Web version was working fine but with this scrobbling thing not working, I am even considering using youtube..



yet an other frustrated user here. Please revert LastFM scrobbling from web player 😕

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