Reasons to use Library?

Reasons to use Library?



I feel guilty posting this, it's just that I can find answers that tell me what the Library and Favourite Songs IS, and I can find answers from 2012 and 2014 when I think things were different, but I can't quite find an answer to the Why, so please humor me.


I've always just made playlists. I have 4 or 5, I add to them, I'm fine with this. I want to get the most out of the app and have Spotify to make more varied recommendations to me. Perhaps it isn't because I'm not using the Library?


I find that if I start Liking my songs, I am just duplicating my playlists (of songs I like, obviously) into one giant messy playlist I'll never listen to. I could Heart an album, which adds all the songs to Favourite Songs, and now it's even messier. So... I didn't use it.


But then I read that Spotify's algorithm generates suggestions and Weekly Release stuff based on Library and on Favourite Songs and Albums, as well as on what you've played (so playlists would be OK.)


Am I missing something? Should I use the Library to get the most out of Spotify, even if it's just one giant list of the same songs on my playlists? Or am I OK just using playlists and listening to stuff?


You've probably had the question a thousand times, I'm just after the most up to date advice given the frequent changes and me still not seeing the benefits of Library/Favourites. Thanks all.

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Hi @Naema and welcome to the Community! 🙂
I may not have the most thorough answer, but hope it can be a little helpful.
The master Library section of Spotify is to house all the music you love - or don't want to forget - whether or not it's in a playlist. Since playlists can be easily modified or accidentally deleted, I do highly recommending saving tracks to the Library for quick access.
When you favorite/heart any tracks (which saves it to your Library) it does factor into Spotify's overall suggestions for tailored content. It also is an easy way to keep track of a song if you discovered something new and don't have a specific playlist you want it in.
You don't actually need to listen to the Library section itself if you have these same songs in playlists. When you listen to saved songs in any area, you will notice they have a heart or check mark which means it's saved and will count to the overall experience.

I hope this was somewhat useful and have an amazing day! 🙂

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