Recover accidentally deleted song?

Recover accidentally deleted song?

I'm using the Spotify web player, I was in "Your Music" > "Songs" and was attempting to play a song because I couldn't remember what it sounded like. Well instead of clicking play I accidentally clicked the X just a few pixels to the right and BOOM the song vanished! I didn't remember the name of the artist, album or song so I couldn't bring it back. Is there a way for me to find the name of the song I just removed?

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Oh snap. Yah, sorry buddy, there's no way you can recover that song unless you know the song's name/artist/album/etc. I feel you though! This happened to me too! If you have any chance of remebering any of the lyrics from that particular song, type it on google and hope of the best! Again sorry!


Hope that helps!!



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It was a song I found on the playlist New Music Tuesday last week. That playlist has since been changed but is there a way you know of to see the songs that used to be on that playlist last week?





You might try out this handy little tool a Spotify user created here the site has an archive listing of songs from playlists created from New Music Tuesday's.

Yeah I went out and found archives of New Music Tuesday and found the song I deleted! Thank goodness too, cause it's a good one!

same to me / even more i deleted all the song of this artist from my playlists


what the f**k is this new feature for??

spotify you can not just change GUI in the way that one deletes a favorit song accedentially




Spotify, listen up!! You can't make your "play" button right next to the  DELETE button! Are you stupid or insane?! Music is my life, and you're jepordizing your app!!

I had same issues like this but the difference is the song is from my discover weekly (beetqeen 12-18 february 2017).
Do you know how to bring the song back?


If you played the deleted song once you should find it in the history of played songs (try windows version for that).

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