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Removing devices from Spotify

Removing devices from Spotify

I have a premium plan in the U.S.


I showed a friend spotify on their Alexa account and signed into my spotify for them over dinner one night. Now, all of their Amazon Echos show up in my "listen on" selection. I removed the Amazon Alexa app from my "Apps" list in the web portal, reset my password, and opted to sign out of all devices. I cant seem to get those echos off my account. I have debated starting a new account, but I really want to retain my discovery and playlists.


Is there anything I can do to get them off? 

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I solved the issue by finding the "Forget Device" button in the iPhone app. Seems this functionality is absent in the Mac OS client.

Hey @saloomy


I'm glad that you've found the setting. ^^



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