Repeating song while playing

Repeating song while playing

I just wanted to listen to a playlist when the song that I was listening to just repeated from the beginning. Than I tried to hear the song again to the end, when at the same spot it started from the beginning again.
By the way I'm listening on the PS4.
Can anyone tell me whats happening?
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Hey @PixelWeegee, thanks for sending that info over!


We'd liek to try a couple of things to see what's going on. Try removing the app and downloading it again. If you’re getting any error messages, make sure to take a screenshot and send it over. It’ll be super helpful.


Keep us posted.

Hey @PixelWeegee!


We hope you're well.


We just wanted to check-in to see how you're getting on.

Is your Spotify still misbehaving?


Keep us posted, we're happy to help 🙂



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