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Roku Audio/Streaming Quality

Roku Audio/Streaming Quality

Does the new Spotify App on devices such as the Roku Ultra allow you to adjust the audio settings (i.e., can Premium subscribers increase the streaming quality)?  If not, does anyone know the steaming quality for Premium accounts on the new Roku App?


We have a nice stereo set-up and stream a lot of music.  We previously used an Apple TV to stream Spotify via Airplay but it kicked the bucket.  We have a small Roku TV in the kitchen and I do not see that you can adjust the audio settings in the Spotify App on that.  I purchased a Roku Ultra device to hook up to the TV/stereo in the living room but have not yet opened it as I'm concerned about the audio quality, which is why we subscribe to Spotify Premium.



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Is there a fix to this yet? 

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