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Roku app; Search by Albums or Artists

Roku app; Search by Albums or Artists

I got a Roku 3 a couple of months ago, and I love having a channel for Spotify.  The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to search by Albums or Artists.  When I'm in the Search screen, the arrow keys seem to navigate only within the characters pad (clear, delete space, a-z, 0-9).  When I press Up from the top row, or Right from the right column, the selection indicator doesn't move, and I hear the tone that indicates the action I'm attempting isn't accommodated.


So, how does one get to the right side of the search screen to select Albums or Artists, instead of the default Tracks?

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I have the exact same question. Almost eight months later and no answer for this easy, valid question. Very discouraging.

It's unbelievable that this hasn't been addressed.

I am trying Spotify for three months.  I have been using Rhapsody for several years, Napster before that.  I am trying Spotify primarily for the Roku app.  As pointed out in the thread, there is a box for artist and track but you cannot get there.  If Spotify fixes this in theree months, I will keep Spotify. If it deosn't, I will keep Rhapsody and cancel Spotify.  .  

This is inconceivable (and I DO know what that word means.)  How could such a bug ever have occurred?  Do the software developers at Spotify not even try the product before they "ship" it?

Hey guys


Sorry to read that you're having troubles with your Roku devices..not cool!


If you could provide us a screenshot/photo of the issue in question, that would super awesome! Also, if you could let us know the following details:


- Version of Spotify

- Version of OS on the device

- Current version of Roku

- Model of Roku device


We'd also recommend reaching out to Roku directly too. Do so by contacting them over at this link!


Many thanks.

This problem is still there, some 18 months after the first report here! I'm using the latest official app downloaded today from the Roku store on my Now TV 2 box (rebadged Roku 3 apparently, for the UK market).


Can someone from Spotify please explain why this apparently trivial problem can't or won't be fixed?  Thanks.

Just got Roku and discovered this bug. Saddened to see it has been outstanding for such a long time.

I just cancelled Apple Music and didn't buy an Apple TV 4 in favour of Spotify Premium and Roku 3 as the alternatives. Feeling a bit like I backed the wrong horse...

Please Spotify get this fixed. It's an easy one - an hour of a developer's time to avoid paying customers like me being disappointed with your product.

Ok. I played with it some more and stumbled upon the solution to how this works.

It's correct that you cannot move the focus to the right columns to select whether the search is for track, artist or album. But once you have some search results under the track heading you CAN move across and can (only) then change the heading to album or artist.

So it works, sort of. It's bad design - unintuitive + you can't watch the matches for artist appear as you type - only track names. But you can get search matches for artist and album.

Maybe everyone else discovered this too. Just thought I'd post back a solution for the inevitable next person to get frustrated with this slightly broken feeling Spotify client. 🙂

Anyone with a brain can see that the roku search feature is cumbersome and virtually useless. When this happens, folks stop using it. I've seen so many comments on this issue I have to guess that Spotify doesn't care, because if they did they would assign someone to the 2 got task (at most) to fix it. So I'll be voting with my get.... 2+ years of a premium account, cancelling today.

I still find Spotify of great value. I do all my searches on an iPad, put them in a playlist and access via roku. You could use a computer as well. Just put the Spotify app on your iPad or computer and kiss roku's search box goodbye. Spotify keeps track of your music across devices. Hope this helps.

I can't search albums or artists on my Roku.  I've reached out to Roku and they said to go to Spotify.  This seems to be a problem since 2014!  I am a premium Spotify member.  Is there any plan to correct this issue??  I have a Roku 3.    Please help!!  IMG_3214.JPG

I use an iPad to set up playlists etc. roku interface has never worked correctly. But if you use a computer or iPad the roku interface will see the playlists. Also. Once you have a song, you can play it and use the roku to get to the album. The computer interface from Spotify works really well and I suggest you use it.
Hope this helps.

Same problem on my Roku 3

is there a fix?

Video of the problem. Can't just go to artist or album and search.

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