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Roku issues

Roku issues

Since my roku boxes updated to the new UI last week (roku 2, roku LT) I have noticed a crackling sound when playing music.  This is the same issue across my 2 roku 2 boxes and my roku lt box.  My roku 3 does not have this issue.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Roku does not seem to know how to resolve it.


Any insight will be helpful.  Thanks!

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Yep, I am experiencing the exact same thing. If I switch over to Pandora, the crackling is non-existing. But on the Spotify channel, it's intolerable 😞


I've got my Roku hooked up via HDMI to an A/V Receiver, and outputting to a 2.1 system.

I have had the exact same issue with poor audio quality on Roku w/ high speed ethernet connection. Static/cracking in background. Pandora, Netflix, iTunes, etc. all work great on this connection with NO audio problems. Spotify is the only problem and audio used to be good on Roku until a recent software release during the past few months. I reported the problem to Spotify and they basically blew me off and said it was a hardware issue. Not sure how that can be based on what I described above and the fact it initially worked fine. Not helpful.

I am also having this problem. Unfortunately, I was using Spotify to test a set of Bose speakers that I had installed. The crackling was quite annoying in one speaker. Stupidly, I did not try any other apps with it and deduced that it was a receiver problem. I spent the money on a brand new received only to find that the problem persisted. It was shortly after that I realized that the crackling did not occur in other Roku music apps and that I wasted money on a new receiver (luckily I was able to return it and only take the hit on return shipping).

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