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Roku support for Spotify - hang on ensuing use

Roku support for Spotify - hang on ensuing use

In trying out Premium for the first time, I installed the Spotify on a few of my roku devices. (various models). In each case, Spotify works well on original install or from a restart/reboot of the Roku box. However, when a user tries to use the Spotify app again after once running and closing the app, it gets hung on playing any content in the playlist. The only solution is a restart of the Roku box which will allow for Spotify to run well until closed. However, it cannot be run again successfully until a reboot of the ROKU takes place.


I hope this can be fixed as this was the reason to enlist in Premium as a Spotify option.


Thank you.



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Same issue here. New premium user that has 4 Roku devices in my house. Really disappointed when we discovered the bug. Found the same resolution of restarting the Roku device as the only consistent fix (sometimes restarting the app works too).

It's always been a bad app, but it is becoming unusable. It is non-functional more often than it works. We've been premium for over 5 years, but this is driving us to examine alternatives. 

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