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[Search] Change translated song titles back to their original language

[Search] Change translated song titles back to their original language

I listen to Fujii Kaze, and a lot of the meaning of the song titles either:


1. Require an understanding of the language because they are in regional dialects

2. Use text/online language to express meaning


The best example is the first song which is called "何なんw” which is translated directly as "Nan-Nan" which is stupid. This is Kaze's regional dialect of Gunma which roughly means "What's up". This meaning is completely lost in the direct translation. Secondly, the "w" is a commonly used text similarly used as "lol" because w stands for warai(笑い) or laugh. For these two reasons, it is super annoying that spotify makes interesting song titles devoid of meaning and I want to change them back to their original language. I've also heard a lot of K-Pop songs going through the same forced translation, so this would fix that same issue. 

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Hi there @Gorbaflork 


Thanks for the post.


If you see errors in the translation or localization of certain content, you can report this to our content teams following the steps listed here.


Hope this helps.

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This wouldn't solve the issue at hand. The solution would be to allow disabling of this stupid auto-translate 'feature'. Such a half-arsed implementation of forced localisation is not really nice to deal with.

I have the same issue! If the titles are transliterated as the romanization of the original language, in this case Japanese, please also show the original language and put the romanization in a parenthesis or something. Not all Japanese artists’ work has titles transliterated. And this is not done for Mandarin artists either. I wonder why Fujii Kaze’s songs have transliterated titles. Not even Utada Hikari’s songs have titles transliterated. This is annoying. Please change the way the titles are shown

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