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Setting a device for Alexa to play through

Setting a device for Alexa to play through

I have set up Alexa with Spotify.  Aside from Alexa, one other device that I have connected is my laptop, which has a Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra speaker system.  This is my preferred device as I want to listen to music via the speakers connected to my laptop, so I use the laptop as the active device in Spotify.  However, if the music isn't already playing, Alexa will switch the active playing device to itself when I tell it to play or unpause music.


How do I prevent Alexa from switching the active device to itself but rather leave it as is?  Spotify can be controlled by any device no matter which one is actually playing.  This works when I play on laptop and control from tablet.  I'd like to do the same with Alexa.





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