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Shuffle in Spotify for Tesla is producing the same “random” order every day

Shuffle in Spotify for Tesla is producing the same “random” order every day

This bug report has nothing to do with playing repeated songs in a Radio. This issue is specific to Tesla cars, and Tesla cars only.


Every day, Spotify for Tesla starts playing the same shuffled sequence of songs in a large playlist. Basically, I’m listening to the same several songs in a playlist of thousands of songs all the time. It doesn’t help to turn off and turn on Shuffle - this works only once, and then the original ‘random’ order restores next day. It doesn’t help to restart or update the car. The ‘random’ order remains the same anyway. Tesla Service is saying ‘works as expected’ on any reported software issues. Please fix this issue. Is there a workaround that we can use until it’s fixed?

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I have the same problem and it is super annoying. Happens on all playlists and Spotify radio where it always starts with the same song and plays songs in the same order. For example if I go to the grocery store i heard about five songs on the way there, then I get out of the car to shop, and when I get back in I hear the same five songs again in the same order. I have a  2023 Tesla model 3 firmware version 2023.20.7. 

I also have this same issue. Very annoying listening same songs on spotify every time. I have latest firmware running on my car. 

Reproduced severe issues with Shuffle on 7/26/2023 between ~6:23 pm and 6:55 pm. Shuffle was completely non-functional! This is a new issue #7 and it’s the most critical.


First, Shuffle got reset to the turned off state after leaving an underground garage around 6:23 pm.


Then, I turned Shuffle on, but it kept playing songs in the sequential order.


At 6:46 pm, I tried turning off and turning on Shuffle, but it kept playing the songs in order. I noticed that some songs played 2-3 times. Not sure why.


At 6:55 pm, I tried turning off and turning on Shuffle again several times with the same result but no songs played twice. I also recorded a video.


Shuffle has never worked.

@Xenia Please see the attached video of the issue. Shuffle didn't work at all.

Hi there @Dmitrу,


Thanks for your reply.


We're sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues.


We received multiple reports about the original issue of this thread, and it should be fixed by now for most users. We've been actively checking for further reports about this in case the issue persists, however, we haven't received any more reports recently.


We appreciate your effort to send us detailed descriptions of the other issues you're having, but we're afraid we won't be able to further troubleshoot single case issues as devices and other factors are involved.


With that being said, right now, we'll only be able to further investigate cases of users who are still experiencing the original issue about songs playing in the same order disregarding whether Shuffle is turned on or not, as this one should be fixed already.


Thanks for your understanding. 

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This is exactly the issue that reproduced again. Shuffle was turned on, but songs played in the sequential order. Reproduced about two dozens times in one day on 7/27/2023. So, this hasn’t been fixed!

Hi Dmitry


 this issue seems to be fixed for me. I’m on the early releases of updates from Tesla. Are you?


 I’m assuming you’ve done a restart?

Often, songs are played in sequential order when Shuffle is on in Spotify for Tesla.


1. Play a shuffled playlist.



Songs are often played in the sequential order. This happens most often 1) when switching between Bluetooth and Spotify after switching and 2) when leaving an underground parking without connectivity after it restores.


The issue is very frequent and occurs hundreds of times a year.

Hi there, I just discovered this issue on my MS Plaid. Random order of music in Spotify Playlists. My solutions was - my Iphone 15 pro is using the same Spotify account as the car - starting a playlist just from the phone. After this, the car‘s Spotify was just fine again. Hope that helps!





I also have this problem. 2023 Model Y Performance, latest firmware.

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