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Skipping Tracks on PS4

Skipping Tracks on PS4

I have been using Spotify on my LG G3, PC, and Playstation 4. Since Thursday I have been having my songs skipping either to the next track on my playlist or going to another 30 second commerical. I run Spotify in the background I play games such as Destiny and Black Ops 3 and have never had this issue before. I have about 300+ songs in my library and found that the same 30 songs kept playing randomized and on shuffle but none of the others. I made a playlist consisting of 94 songs to see if that would help the issue of the same songs playing over and over and it has helped. However, the skipping happens ALOT and if I go back to the previous track that was interrupted it will get interrupted again and in a different part of the song.


Anyone else with a PS4 using Spotify having the same issue? Do I need to delete the application and reinstall it again on the PS4? Is this a known issue that is being worked on currently?


I do not have this issue on my PC or my phone. Any help would be great guys! Thanks!

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Hi, Spotify app on PS4 randomly stops playing a track while in the middle of it, and jumps to the next. There are many users with this problem, and no solution nor workaround (google "spotify ps4 skip"). Can you help? / Will you provide a new release of spotify on ps4 with a fix for this?

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