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So what is the official status of "car mode?"

So what is the official status of "car mode?"








iPhone 13

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iOS 17.4


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Car mode was on the app and working a few months ago...I mean working as "jenky" as it always had but at least it was there...but then it seems to have disappeared with a recent app update (not sure which one).  It still shows up, however, as a feature at the Spotify support link below...


But what is the deal?  Did it just disappear off of my app for some reason, or has Spotify, once again, removed this functionality for some reason?  And if so, why?  And what...and the replacement?  Without it the phone reverts to the Lock Screen when in the car...but there is small navigation bar at the Lock Screen when you shake/wake the phone up. 


I am so very tired of this. 

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Hey @ChrisDiz,

Thanks for the additional info, this ensures that we're on the same page!


We've been getting a few reports about this, and it sounds like you’re seeing a recent change to the app. We’re always testing possible improvements, so you or someone else may see something new or get a limited feature temporarily on the app. We appreciate you taking your time to raise this on the Community, as it helps inform our future decisions.


If anything else appears, we're just a post away.

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I had this issue two days ago, because I noticed my car mode was not transitioning automatically. I then found out it was completely gone in my settings. I actually managed to speak with support about this through Chat and they said the reason it is gone is because they have retired Car Mode. This was incredibly disappointing to hear as I really rely on Car mode to be less distracted when driving and switching more easily between cars. Support's only solution was to send me to this page How to Listen to Spotify in the Car — Spotify, which is only really useful if you have a newer car that makes listening to music easier. I have an older car though, which is why I relied so heavily on Car Mode since my car does not have the fancy features. I really do hope Spotify looks into enabling this feature again or even comes up with a new one, because it is sad to see it go. With this now being disabled and Spotify's weird shuffling bug where the same songs keep shuffling no matter how many times you ask it to shuffle new, I am getting quite annoyed that I am paying for this. These are simple features that really should not be that hard to keep or fix. Anyway, hope my response was helpful or at least let you guys know what was happening. 

Same here, car mode has suddenly disappeared. It's a feature I always use, very disappointing. 😠

I cannot find Car Mode in my settings anywhere. I uninstalled and re-installed the app. Updated my phone and the app. Still no Car Mode available. I relied heavily on this feature as a professional driver. What makes it worse is that the app wont stay open on my screen without it. BRING CAR MODE BACK! I refuse to buy Car Thing or any other device!

I agree! Bring Car mode back! I know people criticized it because it would automatically open but all they needed to to to fix that was to add a disable button, NOT delete the function completely. I have an old car where things like car thing are not compatible. So now driving the video is distracting, the buttons are small, & the screen is dark. 

Mine worked fine until the update 3-6 days ago, idk when it was exactly. Yesterday my Spotify started acting up, pausing and resuming the songs randomly, wouldn’t start playing any songs. Youtube worked and same for apple music. Today I checked and the “Car Mode” feature disappeared from the “Car” settings in Spotify. I restarted my phone, deleted the car and reconnected it to my phone and it still doesn’t show up. 

(Spotify version 8.9.32 iirc)

I have Android and my car mode just disappeared yesterday and it won't show back up in settings under car.


Bring back car mode

Same as all of the above, however I found a work around 

Free app called "caffeine" allows you to keep the screen on no matter what app. Hope this helps, because Spotify isn't! 

Absolutely agree. Its such an important safety feature! I don't want to use Waze, Google Maps eats battery life and I'll be damned if I'm being forced to buy a Car Thing. Why Spotify can't just leave it alone is beyond me! I think basically, they have zero interest in customer loyalty and just see us as a revenue source. Spotify is a GREAT tool but not providing this simple, safe, useful, option is a terrible, terrible fumble. BRING IT BACK AND KEEP IT.

Same thing for me, yesterday on the way home it was fine, this morning it was sort of there but looked wildly different and kept playing videos, now this afternoon it doesn't work at all. I guess the execs at Spotify recently bought stock in car manufactures and is trying to push us all to go buy new cars so we have a fancy new entertainment system with Android Auto or CarPlay? I'm really tired of this repeatedly happening. Every day it gets a little harder to continue paying for this service.

It's essential for Truck Drivers, who drive at night 

Response from Spotify:


"We apologize for the confusions, but we confirmed that Car Mode feature is officially retiring. 
At Spotify, we’re always looking for ways to make listening more seamless, wherever you are. There are multiple ways to enjoy listening to Spotify in the car and of those options, we found that Car Mode doesn’t offer a better in-car user experience. As a result we’ll be retiring it."


No idea why their own support team took so long to realise there had been a change, or what they think is so wrong with car mode, always worked perfectly for me and it'll be more dangerous driving without it, especially since Google decided the same and got rid of Android Auto....

Same here! This was a very useful function. I usuallly only listen to music in my car, and now that this function is gone, I'm actually considering other apps... I pay for Premium Family, so all the family has to go to another app.
Hopefully Spotify will change this back ASAP.

Same issue here. Oppo A57 on Android 14. Car mode disappeared. Not happy.

Having the same issue. I don't even see the car mode option in my settings anymore as of like threw days ago.  

Yep, same thing happened to me (S23 Ultra). Spotify app recognizes it's connected to car Bluetooth, but it doesn't change behavior to act like car mode - screen locks, regular sized buttons, etc. 


Car Mode was one of the best parts of having Spotify Premium, I've been eyeing other streaming services for a minute, so I'm going to looking elsewhere. 

same here. What were they thinking removing a feature so many people rely on without any replacement or announcements.

Someone should lose their job for this!

I agree wholeheartedly with your all!!  I'd been searching for awhile like the first commentor, so am glad saw this post!  Actually, my phone screen has '"burned" Spotify display because I had it open so much!!!!!  I NEED IT!!!!!

Car mode vanished for me as well (iPhone 8 ) and I'm furious. I was a better and safer driver with it. Over the past few days, I've had several scares and near misses when the animation of the regular playback screen has either pulled my eyes from the road or made me think something suddenly appeared in my blindspot causing me to startle and swerve. My car doesn't have a digital display. Car mode gave me access to simple function controls without needing to take my eyes off the road or scroll/dig through multiple screens to do something as simple as swap playlists. And it gave me this without cluttering my field of vision or causing distractions. It's loss means I'm now dealing with both and far less safe because of it.

Also having this problem. I use Spotify every single day and have a subscription. I take long drives into town nearly every day and desperately need this feature. Where the **bleep** did it go in this last update??? Bring this simple option back or this app is far less usable.

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